June 23, 2016

DSGH Fund Ltd. Liability Co.

fundsDSGH Fund Ltd. Liability Co. is an independent entity, like any other member of Deals Secure Group Holding Company, GP. However it has a very special character in that it has no customers and does not have any direct dealings, direct or indirect, with the public because the basic objective for which it was incorporated is to act as trustee for the funds of its owners and their companies. As such, it does not interfere, in any way whatsoever, in their business activities or their relationships with third parties.

DSGH Fund Ltd. Liability Co. has its own address as set forth below, has its own independent juridical personality, and its managers are careful to ensure that it operates with the utmost secrecy except where it deals with governments in which case it operates in an “open-books manner” in order to maintain integrity in dealings and comply with the international laws related to combating money laundering, tax evasion and terrorism. It is therefore a model for strong and well-established entities that stand on sound and accurate economic and commercial bases.

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DSGH-FundDSGH Fund Ltd. Liability Co.
License No. 2015-000702516
30 N Gould STE 4000 Sheridan,
WY 82801, USA